Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Songs

I hope everyone's having a great Labor Day Weekend!  We had our annual Labor Day party yesterday and it was a blast like usual.  It makes me sad that this is the last time we'll see most of our friends until next summer, but such is the life.  Now on to the songs!

Song #1

Stuck on You by Failure.  This song is not only incredible, but has special meaning.  Ever watch a movie and hear a song in it that is awesome, but you can't figure out what it is?  That was this song.  I watched some low budget weird vampire movie on TV in like 9th grade one day when I was bored.  When the end credits rolled around this song started, and I loved it.  I spent hours trying to find out what the song was online, and never could.  The movie wasn't good, but it was replayed the next day, so I taped it just so I could listen to the song when I wanted.  Years later, in college I had long forgotten about the movie and the song.  Mike and I had first started dating and went to different schools at the time.  It was my first weekend in visiting him and he put some music on.  The first song that played was Stuck on You.  Three notes in and I realized what it was and freaked out.  The first song he ever puts on around me, and it's the one song I loved that I couldn't find?  That stuff doesn't happen.  I had it on repeat for weeks after I found out who it was by.  When I flew out to visit him during the summer I had issues with my flights and ended up not getting in until 8 hours after I was supposed to, so Mike had the CD set to play that song when he turned the car on, with a bouquet of flowers sitting on the seat.  It just kind of became our song after that.  It's not typical, but it will be the song for our first dance.

Song #2

What I Got by Sublime.  Really, I just want to say everything by Sublime.  I love everything by them.  Sublime is the soundtrack to my life growing up.  Every time I hear a Sublime song I remember driving around in the summers with my best friends with Sublime on repeat singing and dancing in the car, windows down.  Very rarely did we get together and not listen to at least one Sublime song.  Sublime is perfect summer music and those days driving aimlessly and listening to them are some of my best memories from those days.  I still have to roll the windows down and sing loudly when Sublime comes on the radio, and sometimes on a nice sunny day I put Sublime on, and drive around just to reminisce.  What I Got is the song that got all of that started.

Tomorrow is the last day of the blog challenge and it's just 1 picture!  It's going to be a tough decision on what picture to put up!

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