Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Year, Another Team

Well we're only 2 months away from the start of another hockey season (training camp at least) and it's on to another city for Mike and I.  In case you missed it, Mike signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets!  This means we'll be in Springfield with the Falcons.  It's year number 9 of Mike's pro career, year number 8 that I've been living and moving with him, and jersey number 12 that Mike will officially wear in a regular season game.  Yep, we've done a lot of moving, haha.

I'm definitely sad to be leaving the Blues organization.  It was Mike's hometown team and not being able to see him put on a Blues jersey for even a pre-season game (thanks a lot, lockout) is a real bummer because I know how much it would have meant for him.  Still, we had a great time in Peoria and I enjoyed getting to spend time with the girls.  I'll miss all of them.  Not to mention it was awesome getting to be able to go home to our house in St. Louis once a month for a night or two because we lived so close.

On the other hand I'm so excited to be going back east.  We'll be only about 2 hours from my family and friends.  Teams are much closer together so less nights away from home for Mike, which matters more with Kenlin getting bigger and learning new things every day.  Less chance for him to miss something exciting!  Also, Bauer will get to be close to his best friend Nash again.  He missed not being able to see him for an entire year last season!

The icing on the cake this time around is that I'm actually going to know a couple of the girls on the team when we get there.  That has never happened before.  I've written before about always being the new girl and while I'm still going to be the new girl, I have girls to talk to before I get there and to help me out when I do!  And they both have kids as well.  Totally clutch.

I'm looking forward to getting to explore another city and experiencing a proper northeastern fall again.  Any advice from anyone on things to do, places to live, or great restaurants in the Springfield area are greatly appreciated!  Let's go Blue Jackets/Falcons!