Monday, January 23, 2012

Shit Fans Say

Welcome to my new weekly feature!  Some statements will be more serious than others, but this is meant to be fairly lighthearted so I hope you take it that way.  Like I said in the last post this isn't just things I or others have overheard fans say but also broadcasters, journalists, bloggers, analysts, etc.  I'll put in the saying, then explain why it irks me, or how I can understand how it irks others.  Obviously these are my opinions, and it's okay if you disagree with me.  Sometimes being a goalie's girl puts things into different perspective than someone looking at the game from a different angle.  Not always, but sometimes.  And it also doesn't mean I'm right and you're wrong, just that our thought process is different.

Please don't take offense if you see something you've said in this or any of the following "Shit Fans Say" posts.  I don't blame you.  I've said pretty much all of these at some point in my life.  It took years of dating a goalie for my perspective on the game of hockey to change from fan to insider and from insider to goalie's perspective.  Many people never get the chance like I did to see the game from a player's point of view.  Even after 8 years I'm still guilty.

I'm sure I'm not surprising anyone by saying there are some misinformed "experts" in the hockey world in some areas.  Many of these sayings come from people fans trust to be knowledgeable, so why wouldn't they repeat the same thing?  It's like a math teacher telling you 2 + 2 = 5.  They're supposed to be an expert, so why wouldn't you believe them?  Again, I'm not saying these are wrong.  Some are dead on at least some of the time.  I'm just saying they bug me when I hear them.  PS - There might be a fair amount of goalie stuff in here, for obvious reasons.

1. "He's going to want that goal back."

Most often said by someone who never played goal in their life, immediately following a goal scored.  Sometimes that statement is dead on.  There are certainly goals that a goalie wishes he could go back and play differently.  No one is perfect.  It bothers me when I hear it despite the validity of the statement merely because how does that person know?  How do they know the goalie will want that goal back?  Can they read minds?  Maybe something happened on the ice said person didn't see.  Maybe the goalie did exactly what he should have, and would always do if given the exact same play again. I just think that it's unfair to make assumptions for another person not just in hockey, but in life.  Ask someone how they feel about the goal (or situation) before telling the world how they feel.  Often how you think they'd feel is different from how they actually do.  It's a case of reporting assumption instead of fact and you know what they say about making assumptions.....  Of course, if a former goalie makes the statement, there's probably a whole lot of truth to it.

2. "It's deserted in here."

Any version of this statement that comments on the lack of fans in a rink also work.  I hate hearing this.  I've heard broadcasters go on and on about how empty a rink is during a game.  We get it.  There aren't a lot of fans at that particular game.  Let it go.  I've also heard fans use this statement as a way to put down another team.  I think it's cowardly.  Fans of certain franchises know what their fanbase is like.  They don't need you rubbing it in their faces and trying to make them feel like they aren't worth as much as you are simply because your favorite team has more fans.  Mike has played for teams that draw well and teams that don't.  I hated hearing people talk shit about the amount of fans of a team he played for and I hate hearing a team he plays for talk shit about the opposing team's fans.  Even if there aren't a lot of them, having fewer fans doesn't make them any less passionate.  There are so many reasons people may not show up to games that range from other events in the city that day to an over-saturated market.  I think we can all agree that whether it's 500 or 20,000 fans at a game we all love the same sport, and I think there's something to be said for that.

Come back next week for another edition of "Shit Fans Say" and as always, feel free to leave a comment or send a tweet to @RALind17 with things you've overheard that drive you nuts or discuss your feelings on the day's statements!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Weekly Feature!

As I was watching Mike's game in Bridgeport on the computer last night, a situation occurred that reminded me of something that broadcasters, journalists, and fans all say.  Something that drives me nuts every time I hear it.  It wasn't said on this particular day, but still, I've heard that quote so many times over the years that it doesn't need to be said for me to hear it in my head during a play like that.  I'm not going to say what that quote is just yet.  I'll save it for the feature opener.  It did however give me an idea.

I decided to write a blog post titled "Shit Fans Say".  There are so many "Shit *insert group* Say" jokes going on that it just popped into my head.  I began to write out all sorts of quotes and cliches I've heard over the years that make me laugh, or roll my eyes.  As I wrote the blog, the list got longer and longer.  I threw up a tweet mentioning I was writing a post about it and suddenly I started to get responses with things my followers have heard.  I tossed out the idea that people could suggest some lines for me to add.  The amount of responses I've received was overwhelming.....and hilarious.  And so "Shit Fans Say" as a weekly feature was born.

This isn't just going to be things that fans themselves say.  After all, most of the stuff fans say comes from somewhere else.....usually the media, bloggers, broadcasters, analysts, the players, etc.  Therefore, I'm not just going to focus on fan comments, but comments coming from all across the hockey world.  The people that cover and play the sport are fans too, you know?

I haven't quite decided how I want to go about doing this.  Should I just pick one thing and discuss it?  Should I throw up a couple each week?  I haven't figured it out just yet, but I will.

If you have something you think would fit feel free to leave a comment here or tweet it to me.  I'll make sure to give you the credit unless you'd prefer to stay anonymous.  If a specific person made a comment, I won't use their name.  I'm not looking to call anyone out or embarrass anyone.  Honestly it's best if you don't include who said it so I can't say anything to implement them, just in case.  Okay kids, let's hear 'em!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello 2012

Maybe slightly late, but Happy New Year!

I don't make resolutions.  I think resolutions are kind of silly.  Just because it's a different year people decide to change something?  Why not change something when you realize you should, no matter the time of year?  Why not keep up good habits instead of reverting back to old ones all year long?  There have been so many posts about resolutions on blogs, facebook, and twitter that I'm not going to continue on.  I won't say anything you haven't already heard or read.

I finally got my gym membership a couple weeks ago.  The fact that I did it just around New Year's Day is merely a coincidence, not me being a hypocrite, haha.  I'd meant to get it much earlier in the year, but other things ended up taking up my time and making me forget to go (*cough* wedding *cough*).  It's felt great to get back in and moving again.  I was never a runner, but two years ago I decided that I wanted to become one.  Last summer I ran my first 5k, and helped the Animal Protective Association in the process.  This year I want to run a 10k.  It may not seem difficult to some, but for a girl who was excused from running distances over a mile growing up because of asthma problems, it's a big deal to me.  I'm certainly not the fastest runner in the world, but I simply don't care.  It's not about the speed for me.  I'm just learning to love to run and enjoy the sights while I do.  Unfortunately winter brings treadmills and my enjoyment level drops a bit, but in a couple months I'll be back outside again.

I also can't seem to think about much else besides wedding planning.  I'm even starting to have nightmares about it.  In the first my dress didn't show up until the night before the wedding and when I pulled it out, it was the wrong dress!  Instead of the dress I ordered, I instead had some poofy tangerine colored mess.  It looked like it came straight from a 1985 prom.  The second nightmare I realized the day before the wedding that I'd never ordered a cake or flowers and I had yet to try on my dress after it came in.  Then the reception venue was set up all wrong with all the wrong colors, and the general public was filtering in to eat the food.  I didn't get any of the food I wanted.

I thought that once we got all our vendors (which we have) that I'd feel less stressed about the whole planning process.  Not so much.  We just found out last week that we can't have our friend marry us.  Maybe we were naive but we were under that impression that he could take a class or something and it would be legal.  Apparently that's the case in some states, but not NY.  I should have known.  Now the scramble is on to try to find an officiant that isn't already booked for our the a tourist getaway.....where there are dozens of wedding venues.  Oh boy.

We did just make appointments to meet with the florist, the bakery making the cake, and the venue for our menu tasting.  Now we move on to a travel agent to book the honeymoon, and pick out tuxes.  Also on the to-do list is the registry, which is something we've been excited about doing since before we were even engaged and have yet to even think about.  We have however started having friends and relatives already book their rooms and flights which is getting us more and more excited.  And somehow we've managed to not have a single argument so far in the planning process.  We both seem to be on the same page on everything, which does take some of the stress away.

Mike, a teammate, and I went to the Humane Society to volunteer yesterday.  I've said it before, but the Paws 4 Cause initiative that Mike helped start between the team and the Humane Society means a bunch to us.  We're both such animal lovers that we want to do everything to help animals that need it.  After the flooding the dogs and cats had to be separated into two different locations.  The dogs stayed and the cats were moved.  Yesterday we helped to move in cat food and clear space so that the cats can move back in.

There was a dog I'd bonded with the last time I'd been there named Harley.  She was a lab/pit bull mix and was a total sweetheart.  It was funny how different she was in the cage to outside of it.  I was worried she may not be adopted quickly because of how aggressive she seemed in the cage, despite the fact that outside of it she just wanted to give kisses and be pet.  I showed up yesterday looking forward to seeing her again, but she wasn't there!  She'd been adopted which despite my slight sadness at not seeing her again, made me incredibly happy.  I saw the note her adopted family sent in about her and it seems like she's loving her new life, which is something she and all the other animals in the shelter deserve.  Of course I found a new dog, Lady, who was just brought in to fall in love with.  If only having two dogs over 50 pounds was possible with our lifestyle.....

We're doing another visit next week with the cats and then two visits the following week.  Mike, some of his teammates, and I are going to help the Humane Society with an adopt-a-thon.  I don't have all the details yet, but I'm looking forward to hopefully helping some of these animals find a permanent home.  Even Bauer is going to come along to help out.  He was a shelter dog too at one point.

So far 2012 is looking like it's going to be a good year.  I hope that turns out to be the case, not just for me, but for everyone else as well!