Sunday, March 25, 2012

Disasters Averted

Oh my, it's been a while.  I came up with like 50 great ideas for blog posts while laying in bed falling asleep only to have forgotten them in the morning.  Then when awake the only things I could think about writing about were not things I was really looking to share with the general public.  Some stuff has to remain family and friends only, ya know?

Things are really starting to speed up lately and I feel like I just don't have enough time, which is so not true.  If you follow me on twitter at all you know that two weeks ago I was dog-sitting my parents' dog, Nash while they were on a cruise.  Nash and Bauer are absolutely best friends so it was non-stop playing for 10 days.  Bauer's kind of a lazy guy.  He enjoys his naps.  Nash on the other hand is hyper-energetic and kept me on the go more than I'm used to.  It was okay though, I think the dogs had a blast seeing each other for so long.

The day Nash went home I had planned on cleaning, but was so tired I decided just to paint my nails and catch up on TV instead.  Then Mike came home from a road game at 8:00 that night and informed me that the team was coming over the next afternoon for a BBQ.  My reaction was: I'm sorry, what?!  Let's just say I did a superficial cleaning job to get ready.  Usually I hate hosting and asking people to bring things, but with the late notice there was just no way I could whip up enough food to feed a hockey team.  Of course, asking the guys to bring a side dish resulted in half a dozen different bags of chips with just a salad and a pasta salad that lasted about 5 minutes each as side dishes.  I was so busy just getting things out on the table I nearly missed out on the meat.  10 pounds gone in about 10 minutes.  Oy.  At least the weather was nice and it seemed like everyone had fun.

Then the wedding stresses started.  Basically all on the same day I realized that I hadn't heard back from our not even confirmed officiant in almost 2 weeks.  Not good.  Then I got a phone call from my mom that the rehearsal dinner venue had literally closed down and disappeared overnight.  When I say disappeared I mean signs down, phones disconnected, website shut down, restaurant cleaned out disappeared.  No notice, no phone call, no email, nothing.  Thanks, guys!  Then the bridesmaids dresses arrival date was 3 weeks later than I was originally told it would be leaving them a really tight schedule to get alterations done.  And the store doesn't do alterations anymore so they'll have to find someplace else to go to get them done.  And I still have to supply a wedding shower guest list to my friend who is hosting my St. Louis shower.  Also, can't forget that I need to get 100-something invitations assembled and addressed to send out in the next week.  Lastly, I have a phone that seems to not want to stay connected on a phone call for longer than 5 minutes, which isn't helping.

I mean, seriously, all at the same time?!  I literally sat on the couch and started to cry as the hits all came.  Then I got pissed and took Bauer out for a jog to relieve the stress.  Well, a jog is what I meant to do.  I ended up sprinting in anger and was literally dragging Bauer by the leash towards the end.  I didn't even realize it until I'd run myself right into the beginning of an asthma attack.  Kind of felt like an idiot bent over and wheezing in the middle of the sidewalk trying not to let the attack get full blown while my neighbors stared at me with no offer of help.

It was the first time I felt stressed, like really stressed, over the wedding.  Up until that point things had worked out pretty perfectly.  I didn't know what I was going to do.  Then in a matter of two days I got in touch with the officiant, found a rehearsal dinner venue, and got a call that my dress is in.  Disasters averted.  Funny how things work out sometimes.

My stress is done.....mostly.  I still have things I need to squeeze in in the last few weeks I'm in NY.  I've got things going on here in Binghamton to take care of before we leave.  I just can't believe where all the time has gone.  I can't believe the season is almost over.  Has 6 months really gone by that quickly?  Is the wedding really as close as it is?  Don't expect a lot of updates in the next few months.  I've got a crazy amount of things on my plate.  Hopefully when I do get a chance to update I won't have any more freak outs to report.

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