Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well, it's certainly been a long time since I've updated the blog.  I suppose I should give an update on how everything in the McKenna household has been going.  I feel like I've been busy and not all at the same time.  I honestly have no idea where the last 2 months have gone.

You know those memes about cameras should follow people around because their lives are so interesting/funny?  Um, yeah, that's not us.  We're boring.  Like I'm shocked we have any friends boring.  So not much to update on the things we've been doing for fun lately front.

As far as hockey has gone, it's been a rollercoaster.  Mike had an unbelievable month of March, winning player of the week in the AHL towards the end of March.  I mean, a 1.44 GAA and .954 SV% with two shutouts is pretty kick ass for a goalie.  Unfortunately for the team they're not going to make playoffs this year.  While I'm sad for the guys to miss out on the opportunity to play for a championship, I'm selfishly happy because I get to go home to St. Louis and have the baby there while at home instead of here in Peoria.  I can't even begin to imagine the hassle moving baby stuff, a newborn, and the rest of our stuff home after the birth would be.  You girls who have babies in Europe and fly home with all of that are my heroes.  Seriously.

Work has been pretty good for the most part as well.  My hours have been cut back recently, mostly because I'm so pregnant I can't do any of the heavy lifting and rearranging that's been going on and is standard for the weekday work days.  I've been down to just weekends for a bit now.  Actually, this weekend is my last two shifts of work.  It's kind of bittersweet.  I'm sad because I liked my job and my co-workers.  This was the first time I had a job for an entire hockey season, and not just a temporary/seasonal one that lasted a month or so.  It's going to be almost as hard saying goodbye to some of the girls I worked with as it is saying goodbye to some of the hockey girls.  At the same time, I know I have a more important and exciting job just ahead to look forward to!

As of today I have hit another pregnancy milestone.....well, just kind of a fun one as opposed to anything significant.  The fun 35/35 milestone!  Today I am officially 35 weeks pregnant and also 35 days away from my due date!  It's crazy to think how quickly the time has gone and how close Mike and I finally are to meeting our little monkey!  For the record, I call her monkey (rarely, but it happens).....Mike does not.  We don't really have a nickname for her.  Mostly we just call her Kenlin.

We were lucky enough to spend a couple days in St. Louis recently and finished up getting just about everything we need for Kenlin's arrival.  One long 6 hour shopping day later, I feel pretty much ready.  The only thing really left to do is a little babyproofing as soon as we get home, and we've got all the stuff we need for that sitting around already too.  It's funny that at 7 weeks out, we were pretty much done, and all I hear from people close to my due date is how unprepared they are.  Guess that happens when you don't live at home so you have no choice but to get things done the couple of days you do manage to get there.

As far as the pregnancy itself, that's been a rollercoaster as well.  I admittedly had a ridiculously easy pregnancy through my first two trimesters.  If it wasn't for the fact that I had a belly and a child that enjoys kicking my ribs, I would have forgotten I was pregnant a fair amount of the time.  I have not been so lucky this trimester.  I can go a few days no problem, and then suddenly I have a few days where I can't eat, I feel sick, and I can't sleep.  Not to mention the fact that half the time I have cankles.....or at least I feel like I do.  Also, there's been an serious increase in the amount of people treating me like I'm an invalid who can't do anything on my own, and that's been completely obnoxious.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I can stand up and get my own glass of water without dying, thanks.  I appreciate the concern and offers to do things for me, but when I say I can do something, don't argue with me about whether I actually can or not.

The good news is that every doctor's appointment I've had has been a positive one.  She's head down, facing the right way, and super active which are all good signs.  There have also been no concerns about any complications at all since I haven't had any problems (that aren't standard third trimester problems I mentioned above), and all my labs, blood pressure, weight gain are in the ideal ranges.  It's funny too that every single time I tell someone how far along I am, they get this shocked look on their face and say "You're so small!"  Some people get worried when they hear stuff like that, but if the doctor's aren't concerned, then I'm not.  Not to mention at my last doctor's appointment they told me I literally have the perfect pregnancy bump.  Not sure what that means exactly (shape? size? lack of stretch marks? [I'm seriously lucky there - don't hate me, there's still time]), but I'll take that compliment any day.

So that's what has been going on in life for me lately.  The next two weeks are going to be full of packing and getting ready to make the move home.  Once there I'll only have a couple of weeks left until I get to start my new job.....being a mom!  Sorry for the cheese factor there, I'm just excited.  And now I'll leave you with this grainy, not great, selfie to try to show off my 35 week belly.....

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  1. Rachel,
    Thanks for the update. I really like reading your blogs. It's almost like you are talking. I know I will regret not seeing you pregnant, but there is always hope for next time. Good luck with your last 35 days and I will see you soon.