Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello Second Trimester

Time sure does fly during hockey season.  Ever since I've gotten to Peoria in the beginning of October I've been busy.  Busier than I typically am during a season at least.  I mean, I've kind of got a lot going on this year that isn't typical.  And it suddenly hit me last night at about 9:30 PM that I only had two and a half hours left in my first trimester.  Where did that first third of my pregnancy go?

I find that the hockey season portion of my year goes by faster than the off-season does.  Mostly because there's more routine during the season with Mike's practices and games dictating our schedule.  This year it's gone by even faster.  Within two weeks of getting to town, I got a job.  And not just a seasonal for the Christmas holidays job I've always had in the past, but a job that will last me all hockey season barring pregnancy complications.  And I actually like it.  I only work about 20 hours a week, but it's always days so I never have to miss a game, and it gets me out of the house and doing something.  Making some money isn't a bad deal either.  And I really like all the people I work with.

On top of the job, and Mike's games I've also got this whole pregnancy thing to think about.  I've had three doctor's appointments since I got to town, and I've loved every single one of them.  Usually I bitch, complain, and do everything to avoid going to a doctor's office, but this time it's different (obviously).  It's been crazy, but amazing to see the baby on the two sonograms I've had so far, and hear it's heartbeat the third time.  The second sonogram I had the baby was actually doing squat jumps for nearly half an hour straight.  Potentially longer, but that's how long the sonogram lasted.  It was hilarious to watch, not to mention I've apparently already got an athlete who is going to have powerful legs growing in me.  Our tech also took a guess based on what she saw on the gender at that appointment.  We're not telling until our 5 month appointment when we'll know pretty much for sure, but it's kind of fun to potentially already know.

These appointments are literally the only reason I even know I'm pregnant.  The first trimester is known pretty much as the worst trimester of pregnancy and people can't wait to get out of it.  I wasn't one of those people.  Somehow I got lucky, which I didn't see coming.  I spent my whole life just knowing that I was going to have horrible morning sickness and food aversion.  Aside from about a week and a half, none of that happened to me.  I felt a little sick only twice, both times to the smell of spices cooking.  The second I removed myself from the area, I felt better and it didn't come back when I re-entered the kitchen.  And that was it for "morning sickness".

That week and a half I referred to was a goofy one.  For some reason everything sounded amazing to me, but everything tasted like garbage.  I mean everything.  Mike cooked some of our favorite meals that week trying to find something I could eat, and a few bites in I couldn't swallow anything anymore.  It wasn't making me feel sick at all, I just hated how it tasted.  The only things that didn't taste horrible were chips and salsa and chocolate.  I ended up losing three pounds that week and a half simply because I wanted nothing to do with food.

Suddenly one day, that was all gone.  Now I can eat everything again.  Well, everything except Mexican food.  That still doesn't taste very good to me, which sucks because I freaking love Mexican food.  Again, it doesn't make me feel sick thinking about it or eating it, it just doesn't taste good.  I've tried fajitas, and that didn't work.  I tried tacos, and while they were fine, they didn't do it for me.  The sound of other favorites of mine don't sound great to me anymore.  But give me the chips and salsa and I'll take them down! Haha.

I have discovered my first craving however.  Cheese.  And that's kind of a weird one because I'm not a big cheese eater.  I never have been.  I can do the occasional bites of pepperjack on crackers, but even after just a couple pieces of that I'm over it.  I used to pull the cheese off of pizza and eat just the dough and sauce.  I dug under the layer of cheese that covered baked pasta and only ate the pasta that didn't have melted cheese on it.  Now I can't stop.  And grilled cheese is topping that list.  I've had it for lunch every single day I haven't had to be at work by lunchtime in the past two weeks.  And there is no sign of that going away.  Even as I type I'm seriously contemplating making myself one right now.  I had pizza recently, and there was no thought of taking the cheese off of it.  I walk into a hockey rink and all I can think about are nachos and cheese or a pretzel and cheese.  I just made Mike make homemade chicken parm last night and I didn't pull half the cheese off the top like I typically would.  And yes, it's officially settled.  I'm making a grilled cheese the second this post is up.

Now, as of today I am starting my second trimester.  The Bump tells me that baby is the size of a lemon.  Weeks ago it told me to start shopping for maternity clothes.  I was ready, but I've still got time before that happens.  I'm 14 weeks along, and every single one of my jeans still fits and almost exactly the way they did before.  They're barely any tighter and with these belly bands out there designed to delay the need for buying maternity clothes, I'm thinking I'm still weeks away from even having to start looking.  I know it can take longer to show when it's the first child, but at this rate I'm just going to look a little chunky until baby's about to pop out! Haha.  Maybe next time I write a post I'll actually have a baby bump picture to put up.  So far, there's just not much to see.

So life in Peoria so far has been pretty fun.  The girls are great, baby's doing great, the job is great.  We also have a park right behind our apartment complex, so Bauer and I have gone on plenty of walks there.  As much as I miss being back east and close to my family and friends, it's not so bad to have it be November and having temperatures still hitting the 50's on a consistent basis instead of snow.  I'll take it!  And it's nearly Thanksgiving and Christmas, so even better.  One of my favorite times of year!  Well, I'm off to make that grilled cheese now.  What little lemon wants, little lemon gets!  Haha.

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