Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding Video Trailer

I received an email yesterday from our videographer saying that the trailer for our wedding video was up and the whole thing would be complete next week.  I was so excited considering after getting our pictures back from our photographers, we were a little disappointed.  Partially our fault for being a little too caught up in the moment and not making sure we got shots we really wanted, partially their fault for doing next to no editing and almost strictly shots from a distance.

We watched the trailer and and absolutely loved it.  If the whole video is seriously anything like the trailer it will be exactly what we wanted.  After watching it repeatedly throughout the day and night Mike and I decided to share with anyone who cared to see.

By the way, our videographer was awesome.  I seriously wish I had booked her before the photographers, because she does both photos and video with her fiance, and I would have had her do both.  If you are in the Lake George/Albany area and getting married, seriously book LaRose Media.

We got to choose five songs plus our first dance song to have incorporated into the video. I can't even get over the song she chose for the trailer.  Just perfect.  We love it!  Haha.  And I have no idea how I did those high knees during Double Dutch in my 5 inch heels without breaking an ankle.  Okay, here it is!

Rachel + Mike Trailer from LaRose Media on Vimeo.

So much fun to watch this over and over again and relive our wedding.  I'll probably do the same with the full video when it gets here.  Best night of my life!


  1. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it. You and Mike are so adorable.

  2. The video was awesome. Rachel you looked as beautiful as ever and Mike as handsome as always. We are going to miss you in Binghamton. But, your lifes have made a turn for the better. Maybe in the spring as we are driving to Seattle , WA we could meet up for lunch or dinner? My goal is to see the Arch, in St. Louis on our way. Can't wait to see more. Miss you guys. Tell Mike we will be checking on him this season and hope all goes well. Keep being the wonderful hockey wife that you are.

    1. Thank you! You'll have to let us know if you do come through town. If we are here we'll see if we can find time to meet up!